Sad Quotes

Sad Quotes

hello guys, in the last article we wrote and spoke about true love quotes, and saw how quotes can effect in Our relationships so, this site ( love quotes ) has Special quotes just for you to put and draw a smile on your face, but in this article we gonna speak about sad quotes, Therefore Prepare yourself well To enjoy with us the best sad quotes you had ever seen before are you ready?… let’s go 

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Whatever the world moves us away your name will stay etched in my heart

Sad Quotes

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A relationship where you can lounge around doing nothing, yet at the same time have some good times cause you’re as one = extremely valuable


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sweet quote

Love Quotes For Him

amazing love quotes for him I hope you like them

Do you want to make a surprise for your friend or your husband if you want that  this article has best quotations I hope that you like it, in this article, you will find more than 200 love quotes for him, you can share them on Facebook and the other social media beautiful quotes for him

You are my closest companion, my human journal and my other half. You mean everything to me and I LOVE YOU.

love quotes

love quotes

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Love Status

Love Status

Each person has his Status, New love status for Whatsapp 2016 You should know that you can express their your condition without any words, you can do it for example, by status for Whatsapp or picture or Or just an expression appears on your face And your voice It is a very important Operator to know your status But Best and most beautiful of these methods at all is love status on Whatsapp, why ? Because Whatsapp In each house,  So you can access to anyone and you are at your place so  love quotes website  Submits to you an amazing cute love status Let us review our love status.

Love Status

love status for Whatsapp

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Love Quotes For Her

Love quotes for her

We talked in the previous article about  love quotes for him , In this article, we will talk about love quotes for her

in cute love quotes, You will find on our site daily quotes We hope that you like it.

#Quote 1

How many songs I need to write for her? How many desires I have to fade in the heart? If only she would know how much I love and I desire her, maybe then she would at least one time look at me. Maybe then my heart can calm for a moment

Love Quotes For Her

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love poetry

10 Love Poetry

10 love poetry written by famous poets find the popular poetry in

cute love quotes

#Quote 1

It was not a special day. Long ago my mind locked you. Why you come today? I never want to walk through the fields of past. No, the eyes I saw today were not your eyes. They are some part from some moments. Go and no back never again. Go and leave me to live in my present


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