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hello guys, in the last article we wrote and spoke about true love quotes, and saw how quotes can effect in Our relationships so, this site ( love quotes ) has Special quotes just for you to put and draw a smile on your face, but in this article we gonna speak about sad quotes, Therefore Prepare yourself well To enjoy with us the best sad quotes you had ever seen before are you ready?… let’s go  quote 1  Whatever the world moves us away your name will stay etched in my heart quote

The other side of love quotes is sad quotes today We will talk about Quotes for Death  Very sad quotes Will reminds you the dead , You will cry when you read #Quote 1 All of us have someone on the sky for who we pray, for who our heart cry and our soul is hurt #Quote 2 Missing, pain, sadness is always in us, our love for them which is permanent and never will never die. They will live in us to the last breath. Forever! Loved persons never die #Quote 3