falling in love quotes


Some quotes about falling in love, and how to express that love for those who love attractive and amazing way.
falling in love quotes

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Silence is the best help for destroyed feelings

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Be careful my friend. She is pretty and toxic. Pretty for fall in love with her, toxic for you can’t hurt her. Because her knife isn’t with two sides, but the one will be hit in your heart for sure


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Please don’t be angry beauty. Who said that I don’t want you? I just want to enjoy in my single status, I will have man all the life

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We separate each other as we were wrong, but we never weren’t

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When I don’t care for you honey, it is too late to make new shuts, the old one I have learned

cute love quotes

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She will leave you one time, you leave her hungers times. But the worst of all is that she will never come back

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Here is something wired in people. One day they make promises, the next one they forget that you are alive

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They are kissing in their minds


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Whatever you are smiling the life give smile back to you too


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Don’t like to be remembered. It’s enough to be unforgettable


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