funny love quotes

fanny love quotes

funny love quotes

We’ve written in the last article About love quotes for him , but
Today I will write to you beautiful funny quotations you will like it so much
let’s go


#quote 1

When you get married for the love you cleaning, washing, smooth and when you get married for money you go to shopping, manicure, pedicure thinking about it

fanny love quotes

fanny love quotes

#quote 2

Stupid man try to change his women, smart man try to learn something his women and I need just to find her

fanny love quotes

fanny love quotes

 #quotes 3

Depression is when you buy hula hoop for your wife to make exergues but he is correct for her

fanny quotes

quote 4

My husband coming home from work and ask me: What are you pepper? I climb on chair and say: recitation


fanny love quotes

quote 5

I don’t like the message on type: “Baby what you are doing?” What I need to answer? Guga gagu gugu?


quote 6


If my grandmother was send to my grandfather messages in the type: “Where are you?” “With who you are?” “Why you are ignoring me?” They wouldn’t be in married for 50 years

fanny love quotes

quote 7

The man is not real man without women, even less with many of them

fanny love

quote 8

Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand


quote 9

Women were such, women were bad. If you don’t like us, you should to get married with man.


quote 10

The real women never prohibits nothing to the man even wash, make food, cleaning

fanny love quotes

At the end of this article, I want to tell you We’ll Write more of quotations in all fields

 just Wait for us on love quotes and love status

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