Love quotes for her

Love Quotes For Her

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#Quote 1

How many songs I need to write for her? How many desires I have to fade in the heart? If only she would know how much I love and I desire her, maybe then she would at least one time look at me. Maybe then my heart can calm for a moment

Love Quotes For Her

#Quote 2

She is as furious wind. I open my hands to touch her-She spends between my fingers. Shall I ever can reach her? Beside me I wish she to get sleep and I will don’t need to wake up never after



#Quote 3

In her hair are collected all fragrant flowers. She braided wreath with beautiful colors and standing before me in the wind as she want to enchant me. I inhaled her fragrance and get drunk from her11798416_950272345031052_1642141022_n


#Quote 4

When she stepped, its looks to me as she causing the leaves bow before her beauty. Don’t bow, don’t look at her! She belongs only to me. I spread soft carpet before her legs, to pass  throughout it and come to me11721811_950272491697704_1819781454_n

#Quote 5

I miss her. I miss every moment. I miss her talking. Her caring eyes I missing. Her warmth I wish I could feel. I wish gently, gently to caress11805812_950272638364356_304791557_n

#Quote 6

For only one of her smile I would give my all world. She needs only to wish and I can make impossible to become possible. For one her smile.  I only want she be happy11791662_950272901697663_1498134114_n

#Quote 7

Meek as a lamb, soft as a silk. I creeping like a thief when I lie down next to her. Quiet, quietly so as not to not wake up her. By dawn to watch her, perhaps I will satiated11798454_950272995030987_1386280099_n

#Quote 8

Ask me to turn the sun into the moon. Ask me the stars before your feet to spread.  Ask me without air to live. I can make all your wish to become true. Just don’t ask from me to no desire you nor to forget you. Only that I can’t do for youLove Quotes For Her

#Quote 9

Allow her to play and she will dance around you forever. Allow her to laugh and she will make you laughing forever. But don’t ever land your steps on her nature because you will lose her foreverLove Quotes For Her

#Quote 10

She lets down beside me her own wings. She came. She looks at me. And she stays with me. From that day I live with fear and happiness. Happiness because she falling asleep despite me. Fear because she can fly away

Love Quotes For Her

#Quote 11

With an hour’s she was knew to makeup before mirror and ask me all time is she beautiful. She ask and don’t wait me to response after. She knew that with or without  makeup,  she will all time be most beautiful for my eyes11780637_950273678364252_916267948_n

#Quote 12

When was sunny and when was cloudy, she was all time my shadow that follow me everywhere. In that moments I did not know that a man without a shadow is just an invisible spirit. When I though I touch the sky, I suddenly notice that I become a ghost. I wanted to go back and take my shadow. But it was too late

Love Quotes For Her

#Quote 13

If I can only know when, in what moment my heart become so pride oneself on and has forgot the days when with all strength was screamed from happiness :this is my wife. I was a king that took the  chalice  that made many envied me. I am ready to give all my life for I can back the moment when I become blind and can back on my way again, but road that went I forgot to marked. Trapped is stasis to her heart and nothing cant back me thereLove Quotes For Her

#Quote 14

You, that can be mischievous as mischievous child, bring me new foolish every new day. With you I forget  all kind of cares that I have. You, as a painter drawn rainbow everywhere around me. I spend under the rainbow and every wish I accomplishedLove Quotes For Her

#Quote 15

I kept quiet, the words themselves go out. Close my eyes and they closed absorb every move of her. She is mine from the first day I saw herLove Quotes For Her

#Quote 16

Other girls were call me, haunts and seduces me. She never runs after me. She never calls me to come to her. From the moment I saw her till now I can’t stand to be separate minute from her. She is as air that kept me alive

Love Quotes For Her

#Quote 17

Sometimes she is brittle as glass. Sometimes she can be stronger than me. Her glance can make me warm and next time can arrow me straight to my heart. My beloved, my queen, my torturer! My heaven and earth! For me she is my entire worldLove Quotes For Her

#Quote 18

I love her soft skin as silk that wraps my body. I love her warm, soft and dear when trembling of my touches. Then I know: she loves me tooLove Quotes For Her

#Quote 19

Her eyes! I drown into their depth the moment I saw them. I drown one day and never go out from there again. There I die my thirstLove Quotes For Her

#Quote 20

She is wild and untamed. She is crazy and hers demanding are oversized. Constantly invents something. She wants to entertain forever. So childish and crazy she can be. And because all that I love her most from all

Love Quotes For Her

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