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new quotes


new love quotes you will like it

 New a mixture of wonderful cute love quotes which you can send to the person who loves him to express your love to him



quote 1

I live for you, not with you.
I lost myself trying to get you

new love quotes



quote 2

This night don’t be sad.
Don’t let to get closer those who not deserve you.
They just can hurt you again

new love quotes


quote 3

Don’t worry.
She will look at you.
She will look in your eyes and laughs.
But like that she will be the worst

new love quotes



quote 4

I don’t know whether I miss you.
I don’t know whether I love him.
But I know that whenever I hear voice etc. him…my heart stops

new love quotes


quotes 5

Every day he have different girl, and every night he don’t sleeping for one and only

new quotes


quote 6

Sometimes not getting message may be clear message.
This depends on whether you know to read

new love quotes


quote 7

Crying river and after that build bridge and sloppy after him.

love quotes


quote 8

The best thing in your life is when you see how your dreams become reality.

new love quotes


quote 9

If you treat your girlfriend like a toy, be sure that that toy will broke your heart when you least expect.

new love quotes


quote 10

How many “last” thing you have make for him?
And how many times item convert in comma although the sentence have no sense?

new love quotes


quote 11

The power of man is not measure by amount of the height of the tone of speaking, but by the power of words he utters.

new love quotes


quote 12

The real women is not so expensive to buy with honest smile and hot hug. But at same she is not so cheap to buy with worthless lies and empty words.

new love quote


quote 13

Life is not short. Short is time which we remaining. Because of that don’t wait to make new move. Do it now!

new love


quote 14

Don’t change for someone. Change with someone.
With him, the real one…

new love quotes


quote 15

The break look in the eyes who is hurt by you coarser cut by a piece of glass.

new love quotes


quote 16

When some girl love, she know. And every assumption is true. Don’t make this girl suspect for you, because she already know all.

love quotes for him


quote 17

Don’t be disappoint dear. Somewhere in the world is someone’s palm which is created to fill the gaps between your toes.

new love quotes


quote 18

If love is your weakness, than you are the strongest person in the world.

new love quotes


quote 19

Everyone is waiting for someone.
And everyone was waited by someone.
But before stay to wait first ask yourself whether that person is worth for waiting. Because waiting is power, not weakness.

new love quotes


quote 20

Do not give up of someone if he is yours first though when you wake up, and last before you sleep. But give up of someone if you doesn’t its thought.

new love quotes


it’s amazing new cute love status I hope you enjoyed with us with quotes about love too

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